LONDONCOIN is the first and only cryptocurrency that provides a cryptoecosystem consisting of a Core cryptocurrency, a Decentralized exchange, and a Wallet.

We define a reference model of a CryptoEcosystem consisting of three layers, in which a service layer provides various markets, users, applications, and services; an exchange layer that provides the role of trading, arbitration, and mediation between services and distributed ledgers; and the distributed ledger layer that plays a pivotal role in managing all of the transactions and confirming them in a controlled peer-to-peer communications.

As a core of the cryptocurrency, LONDONCOIN is processed and transacted at a distributed ledger layer, aiming for real-time payment based on a ledger without a blockchain. At the second layer, a decentralized exchange called SSENDEX is processed within a person-to-person trading and a transaction on the top of a peer-to-peer computer network. Finally, a biometric-based SSEN Wallet provides secure authentication and user friendliness for all of the services and applications.

we propose that the major essential properties such as stability, security, and scalability are required within a cryptoecosystem.