In gold we trust

Revolutionary value chain by Inter-linking a cryptocurrency with real value, backed by gold for the real world commerce.

Contract address: 0xBbe3a58585121F7DC4A5c6e7dE6514eC86987A77

We are growing up 15236 $LDXG holders

What Is LondonCoinGold

LondonCoinGold is a crypto asset that is minted on ERC20 platform now which will be minted on DAG Babble core when the development is done. Babble core is published as open source consensus middleware on Github which we will fund to commercialize. LondonCoinGold(LDXG) is direct replacement for LondonCoin(LDX) which the project started from 2018 to provide flexible transfer of denominations.

Accumulated Gold

LDXG utilities

· Fees for processing transactions in gold trading and 700,000 SMEs to accept as payment.
· To provide baseline asset in gold trading with accumulated gold.
· Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated with DAO to be setup 2Q, 2024.
· Can be used as wealth accumulation tool.

LDXG Core Services

These are our core services

Payment tools for SMEs
Trading tools for Community
Asset transfer with ABM Wallet

LondonCoinGold Roadmap

Continuous integration and project performance

Download area

You can download LondonCoinGold related projects documents

ABM Wallet

Transfer crypto assets instantaneusly, with your phone number
and with very low fees

Health and travel

· 5% share of AISA(Lung and other cancer detection company with breath and blood)
· 10% share of FlySafe(Blockchain based flight insurance service)


· 10% share of ABM Systems(Creator of ABM Wallet for 700K SME payment solutions)
· 10% share of COW(Community Owned Gold) to generate profit by owning gold with patent


· 10% share of ACS(Anti-Counterfeiting System) – TBD
· 10% share of ABM Systems(Creator of ABM Wallet for 700K SME payment solutions)

LondonCoinGold investments

EV Charging System

Patent issued

EV charging system with compressed air from shock absorber of the car and or with tire inflator.

ownership 10%

AISA Healthcare

Patents filed

Detect multicancer with breath as well as blood.

ownership 5%

ABM Systems, Ltd


App to transfer cryptos with telephone number.

ownership 10%


Patents filed and available in Google Play

DeFi insurance: Airline life coverage services with QR Code and toll free number.

ownership 10%

Anti-Counterfeiting System

Patent filed and in development

Anti-Counterfeiting System.

ownership 10%


Patent filed and in development

Gold trading platform with many jewelry stores globally.

ownership 10%

LondonCoinGold Team

BK Brian Kim

Founder - CEO

Seasoned Executive experienced in IT, telecom, semiconductor, and fiber-optics. Active in Korean politics. MS in Industrial & Systems Engineering from San Jose State University, San Jose Calif USA

Dr. Myongsu Choe


Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Computer Science, Deep Learning, Distributed Algorithms, Augmented Reality (AR), and Machine Learning. PhD in Computer Science from McGill University.

JG Lim

sr. VP

Expert in VoIP and billing systems as well as various IT projects with C++, Java, and other programming languages. MS in Computer Science from National KyungBuk University.

MoonWoong Lee


Marketing experts in e-commerce as well as other technology based projects as well as active in Korean political. BA in International Trade from Inha University

Dr. SeokHee Lee


Developed global business at Hanseoul Corp as well as business R&D at Korea Telecom, along with real estate development projects in Korea. PhD in Economics from University of Maryland.

Dr. Steve JH Park


IT strategy expert encompassing telecom and games with Korea Telecom and Samsung Electronics. PhD in IT from Mokwon University

Sungil Kim

Sr VP, Marketing

International marketing expert with various commodities with Vietnam and USA including COVID19 kits. BA Kyunghee University

Lucas Foster

Sr VP, Strategy

Precious metals specialist, investor, visiting professor, digital media & content developer. BA in International Studies, UC San Diego, Calif. USA

SungChul Kim


Lawyer in Korea with many commercial and private litigations with branches in the Philippines and Vietnam. BA, Seoul National University.

Dr. ChoonSik Kim


Vast IT and Telecom Experiences with ETRI (Auditor General), Korea Broadcast Commission (Director), Korea Telecom (Director, New Business), Visiting Professor Seoul National Univ.) PhD in Management Science/MA in Economics, Stanford University. BA in Law/BS Electronic Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea.

Martin Arrivets


Entrepreneur and software engineer with a focus on blockchain and distributed systems. Creator of the Babble blockchain middleware and of EVM-Lite. Developed MONET, an open-source infrastructure for distributed mobile peer-to-peer applications. Martin holds an MS in Financial Mathematics from University of Chicago